• image RATES
    We have 2 studios. Studio A and Studio B.

    Studio A is a bigger room and thus a more spacious sound. Studio A also offers a Yamaha C3 grand piano and a Neve Console.

    Studio B is a smaller room and offers a Trident Console.

    Both rooms have multiple Isolation booths, are well treated and sound fantastic.

    Studio A starts at $125/hour and Studio B starts at $75/hour. Those prices include an engineer who will be able to capture the sound you are looking for.

    If you are in need of a producer we can help contract one and they will come with an additional price depending on who the producer is.

    If you have a budget and/or goal in mind for your project you can always share that with us and we'd be happy to help put together a recording plan with you.

    We now offer in house mastering. Contact us for rates.